History speaking through the ages

"History Speaking Through the Ages" is essentially an overview of the museum, but as such, it touches on the history of Cuggiono, its citizens, and those that left Cuggiono for other countries.

The book is nicely bound with an attractive cover that makes you want to see what's inside. It makes a great "coffe-table" book.
Its 96 pages are printed on high quality gloss stock and it contains 193 illustrations, most of which are in color. For a preview of some pictures, you may navigate the 'Gallery' section of this site. The book is avaliable in both English and Italian versions.

The contents are, very roughly:
- Observations of Cuggiono made by early historians
- Information about the distinct dialect of Cuggiono
- Several pages on the magnificient Villa Annoni
- An overview of the museum and its mission
- A photographic study of all fourteen rooms of the museum, including many pictures of tools used in the trades, and artifacts of everyday life. This section also includes old photos of Cuggionesi engaged in their daily activities. The central hall, room 'A', is devoted to early history and emigration, with references to Detroit, St. Louis and Herrin, Illinois.